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Casey Brunner


Casey is an energetic, certified personal trainer who has been a long time member of TRVFIT Farmington. After falling in love with the community she recently transitioned to the professional side of fitness. She would love to be the point person to guide you to a new experience of fitness in a place she loves so much. With a passion for Transforming All Lives and a variety of different classes to choose from she is confident she can help you start or turn up your fitness journey. She would love to meet you for a round on the bag or hit the town and show you what our community has to offer.




Hi Farmington! My name is Anna Haughey and I am a dynamic and passionate group fitness instructor dedicated to guiding individuals on their journey to optimal health and wellness. I have a passion for creating engaging and results-driven workouts, that will motivate and inspire your to push your limits and achieve your fitness goals. I want you to leave each class feeling empowered, energized, and eager to return for more. Join me on a fitness adventure that will challenge your body, ignite your spirit, and transform your life!




Becoming a personal certified trainer for Trvfit has been a goal of mine for many years. As a former collegiate athlete, I have always embraced being part of a team and working hard to achieve your personal goals. As a Trvfit member, I appreciated the variety of classes offered, as well as the supportive and competitive community I was surrounded by.
Prior to this year, my full time career along with balancing my marriage and raising three daughters, made my goal seem impossible. This year I was finally able to achieve my dream and became certified as a Trvfit Coach. I love being surrounded by members and other coaches who are just as dedicated to staying healthy and making fitness a sustainable part of their life. Trvfit is unique because it offers a variety of classes and coaches for every fitness level, while keeping you motivated and challenged. The Trvfit family is unmatched in my eyes and I am beyond proud to be part of a team that is constantly influencing others and building self confidence in them, one class at a time. I hope to see you in one my classes soon and show you just how amazing this Trvfit Community really is!




Growing up as a competitive dancer and cheerleader I have always had a passion for choreography, fitness, and having a structured weekly routine with the accountability factor of being a part of a team. My love of those things didn’t end in adulthood. Barre and HIIT classes became my favorite hour of the day. While being a wife and mother of two, putting yourself first can become a challenge but I learned fulfilling myself in all aspects of life is what makes me truly happy. So, the dream of becoming a certified personal trainer grew when I found TRVFIT and I immediately knew I didn’t want it to be a dream anymore, and I set out to accomplish that goal. Now I am l able to share my passion with others helping them create a healthy fitness routine no matter the fitness level, all while building lasting relationships in this amazing TRVFIT community.




Hey TRVFIT FAM!! My name is Meg! My coaching journey started at our TRVFIT Howell location! I love the energy that TRVFIT brings to this community. My passion is to help people become the best version of themselves when they’re in the gym. Making workouts fun and full of energy is what I bring every time I lead a class or private/ semi-private session! I love watching the joy on someone’s face when they finally reach a personal fitness goal! That is why I do what I do! I am SO looking forward to meeting everyone! Let’s make big moves!!




I’m a long time gym rat that was looking for a little bit of a change from just lifting weights. I wanted to find a place with more of a community feeling instead of just a place where I needed to find my own motivation to make it in the next day. I was able to find that at TrvFit along with the added benefit of having organized opportunities to challenge and push myself with the friends I have made there. Not only did I grow stronger, but I felt healthier. Working out with a regular group of people made me look forward to coming in and pushing myself a little further. I later became a coach to help spread that sense of accomplishment and improvement. I like focusing on the small things that make a person’s progress that much better.




Coach Todd is a devoted father of 2 wonderful girls; Eden is 20 and Aspen is 18. He is happily married to the love of his life, Heather for 24 years. Todd started TRV/FIT two years ago on a free trial after Heather joined. He thought this was going to be just another gym that he tried and failed at. However he started boxing and fell in love with working out and the community at TRV/FIT. After spending as much time at TRV/FIT as he could, he decided to start giving back to other members. He started teaching at Farmington TRV/FIT and now teaches at both Farmington and Howell. His fitness journey has been amazing. Lost 50 lbs and is in way better shape than he ever has been. He no longer has the irregular heartbeat that he was diagnosed with a couple years prior to working out. He loves meeting new members and loves having them hit new PR’s and conquering plateaus. If he is not at work or at the gym you can find him during the summer on his boat with his Silver Labrador, Monty.

Coach Bree



My journey with fitness began early, as I ran track and did competitive dance growing up. After having my son, I fell in love with lifting heavy stuff. The physical aspects and aesthetics of working out are great, but the mental relief that fitness gave me in my life was and is still unmatched. My favorite style of exercise is strength training, with a focus on the fundamentals of fitness. I fell in love with the gym after learning the foundations of weightlifting, and can’t wait to share the knowledge with others. I know the gym can be nerve wrecking, so I’m extremely excited to be apart of the TRVFIT community where it feels like home for everyone. Being apart of a gym that is both welcoming and encouraging is extremely important, and I’m glad I get to be apart of the process here at TRVFIT Farmington!




Victoria’s journey into yoga began in 2015, blossoming into a passionate career of movement instruction since 2017. With certifications from Starseed Yoga 200 RYT and an abundance of specialized education in Hatha, somatic movement, Kundalini, Pilates, anatomy and more, she crafts a unique blend of techniques. Her dedication to education extends beyond yoga, delving into Thai Massage, and Reiki I & II, enriching her holistic approach. She is committed to understanding and empowering diverse bodies. Victoria has a zest for all things movement, embracing weight training, dance, martial arts, and more, fueled by an unyielding thirst for knowledge and growth. Expect to be challenged, nurtured, and uplifted in her classes, infused with her vibrant and playful spirit. Get ready for an exhilarating journey where you’ll not only strengthen your core but also your spirit, leaving each session invigorated and empowered.

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